HOTELIQUE has 25 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality products for customers worldwide.HOTELIQUE brings your ideas to life in an easy and cost-effective way. Take the next step with HOTELIQUE , we promise nothing but excellence & customer satisfaction.Infinity hospitality sourcing does not require you to order a minimum quantity for any custom manufactured product,regardless of the size end or materials being used.You can count on us to fullfill your ordering needs.
Furniture made in the late 19th century through the present which is determined by modernism is referred to by contemporary furniture or modern furniture. There was an opposition to the cosmetic arts, which comprised Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, and Victorian fashions. Dark or gilded carved wood and richly patterned materials to geometry and the glittering simplicity of polished metal. The types of furniture evolved from significant to light. Welcome to HOTELIQUE.


HOTELIQUE creates, designs and selects an exclusive selection of furniture, lighting and accessories.All the products developed by HOTELIQUE evoke a strong sense of luxury and refined interiors, incorporating high quality materials such as bronze, leather, brass, concrete and natural stone. We are known for our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and designs that transcend trends.
Our furniture and other items can be customized to your specifications in many different materials including new and antique woods, metal, concrete, stone and lacquer.
HOTELIQUE offers a basket of services or a turn-key package to the hotel developer and operating company, providing crucial input and hands-on management of all the processes in the Planning, Design, Construction, Renovation and Refurbishment of new and existing hotels.
We manufacture Bespoke Furniture, Upholstery and Joinery,For Residences and Contract of Hotels, Restaurants, Stores and Offices.We specialize in the execution of bespoke projects, our mission is to bring to life the projects of Architects, Designers and Decorators conceiving the detail of the difference.

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